Dec 08, 2016 05:10 AM EST

All New 'Nex Machina’ Reveals Release Date, News & Update: Collaborates With Smash TV's Eugene Jarvis

Housemarque, Finland's notable game creator of "Resogun" and "Dead Nation," are now speculating the release of its futuristic new gameplay, "New Machina" that collaborates with Smash TV's Eugene Jarvis for full vibrancy.

On "Nex Machina" Housemarque decides to self-publish the game unlike in the past twenty years that creations are partnered with Activision, Ubisoft, TakeTwo, and Sony,  for the release of their games. The Hollywood-like setting follows the concept of old "AI vs. Humanity" where mortals strive to retain supremacy over robots.

PlayStation Experience has announced that "New Machina" is indeed going to hit the market soon last weekend. It is leveled with Eugene Jarvis's "Defender" and "Robotron" that re-ignites gaming popularity and with its own "Resogun" ,  that excel in a 2013  PlayStation 4 launch title like the Super Stardust HD in 2007 for PS3. Housemarque simply releases "Nex Machina" in the new year on PS4, says Eurogamer.

"Nex Machina" is mainly inspired by "Robotron", discloses lead designer Harry Krueger. capturing its magic but totally unique in its own way. The bullet hell and some melee combat touches are incorporated. 

"Nex Machina" is also rumored to be an arcade game but aside from the announcement that it will be out by 2017, it is not known yet the period estimate for the release date. What is certain at the moment is its PS4 availability that has irked other companies in competition with PS4 game providers, according to GameNGuide.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch tries to cope up with Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4) where "New Machina" is to be released to by incorporating Unreal Engine 4 Support for its gaming process. It should enhance its capability with graphics like in "Street Fighter V" and "Gears of War 4". The competition really did put pressure to game-makers to offer quality materials, as published previously by Jobs&Hire.

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