Dec 12, 2016 08:38 AM EST

'Made in America': O.J. Simpson's Rise And Fall Symbolic For African-Americans But Is It A Movie Or TV Series?

O.J. Simpson's tragic life is the subject of "Made in America"  that filmmaker Ezra Edelman converts into a five-part, eight-hour docuseries. This crafts a richly narrated portrait of the football legend and deconstructs the culture that made, allowed, and destroyed him. Such as the plight of most members of the African-American community striking back against racism.

Injustices in Simpson's case that remains troubling at present contributes to the charm of "Made in America" that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier before the screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is shortlisted for Oscar and vetoed to win for an Academy Award this 2017, according to EW

Critics, however, are debating that it should not be categorized as a movie. "Made in America" was created for ESPN's sports documentaries. It originally has an eight-hour running time ingested into five parts. Maybe too long for a movie and too short for a TV series?

The confusion triggers experts to realize the unclear guidelines between the two classifications. The American Film Institute's "Best of 2016" ended up giving a "special award" to the documentary. Oscar voters might not care about the distinctions but it is still confusing for the award-giving bodies. "O.J.:Made in America" bagging the Oscars' Best Documentary this year might be the most appropriate prediction as per Jobs & Hire.

"Made in America"  TV ratings are good for a documentary. It debuts at 3.4 million viewers eve on a slow Saturday night for ABC. That alone isn't sufficient to categorize Edelman's masterpiece as television. So, there's really an overlapping between the two categories on how the material is constructed. 

In the end, "Made in America" can be counted as a movie. Its length is sufficient enough to elaborate on the fascinating details of O.J. Simpson's life. In addition to that, ts five parts format is just interesting to watch that can be consumed in a day, added The Atlantic.

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