Dec 11, 2016 06:47 AM EST

‘Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Episode 11 Latest News & Updates: Why It Won’t Be Aired On December 8 [Spoiler Alert]

"Big Bang Theory" Season 10, Episode 11 is currently put on hold for the meantime and fans does not seem to be so thrilled about the news, as they are ecstatic over the fact that Sheldon and Amy will once again try to make love during Amy's birthday. The couple had coitus previously and it was also during Amy's birthday - from then on, they both agreed to have their annual love-making on Amy's special day.

In this episode of "Big Bang Theory," which is entitled as "The Birthday Synchronicity," according to GamenGuide, Sheldon will wake Amy up and give her a special gift. He will be giving his girlfriend an MRI scan of his brain with a bright spot; the bright spot happens whenever Sheldon thinks about her (who knew Sheldon could be THIS sweet) - Amy delightfully accepts Sheldon's gift and tries to get Sheldon in the mood for some love-making.

However, instead of getting on with their coitus (that only happens once a year) - the couple had to rush to the hospital with Penny as they were informed that Bernadette is finally going to give birth to her baby. The whole gang came rushing into the hospital only to find out that it was just a false alarm and Bernadette is not going to deliver the baby yet; a spoiler news from IBTimes wrote. Quite unfortunate for Howard; everybody knows how excited he is in becoming a dad - a great one to be exact, for he wanted to prove that he can be an amazing dad even if he grew up without one.

The upcoming episode will instead be aired on December 15. As of the 8th of December, CBS will telecast "Big Bang Theory" Season 10, Episode 2 titled "The Military Miniaturization" for those who have missed the episode. Meanwhile, check out 'Star Wars Episode 8' Movie Spoilers on Jobs & Hire.

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