Dec 12, 2016 04:13 AM EST

'Dota 2' Latest Update: New Abilities, Skills And Features About Monkey King Revealed

"Dota 2" will feature another hero that fans have been waiting for. The new hero is named Monkey King, he is in the middle of the radiant jungle unseen and unpredictable about his movements. To know more about the upcoming new hero and the premiere of the new update here are some clues we could provide as of now.

According to GamenGuide, the new hero, Monkey King has an Echo Sweep skill, this plain nuke skill is used by him. Another would be a magic sweep that damages the radius particularly the area of which he chooses then slams using his bo staff that will greatly do damage to enemies around. It also appears that in the teaser Monkey King eradicates the creeps with a wave-like ability.

Another skill he has is the Flicker wherein the character in a fast motion, sprints down in a straight path for 600 units and leaves clearly up to six illusions. With this, he could automatically kill anyone who is in sight or in the area. The plucking of his hair in the teaser is an orientation from the mythological powers that he has.

On the other hand, the East-Asian legend that is know all over the region, the legend of Sun Wukong. It is about a monkey statue that has been bought to life which handed tremendous fighting abilities from the power of the Taoist practices and knowledge. Among Wukong's powers include the flying cloud, his magical powerful staff and his hair which he plucks during battle, the hair contains magical powers and etc.

On the other hand, Monkey King is included in the Journey update of the game, release of the update will be on December 2016. According to Steam Community, the reason for valve is to wait for the "Dota 2" Boston tournament to finish. This is also one way for the company not to throw any major information about the update that will spoil fans and pro gamers alike. For more of the latest news and updates stay tuned to Jobs & Hire

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