Dec 10, 2016 06:42 AM EST

Michigan Judge Calls Off Ballot Count, Trump Wins On Recount

A federal judge in Michigan has ruled the state of Michigan to begin a recount ended it this Wednesday which coincides his decision to a state ruling that is also found with candidate Jill Stein. The stoppage of the recount concludes that Republican Donald Trump's tapered victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

According to FOX NEWS, U.S district Judge Mark Goldsmith agreed with the decision of the Republicans that there must be a three day recount of the ballots and it must end a day after the state appeals court. The court also said that Jill Stein who finished fourth in the Michigan voting last Nov 8, 2016, does not need a recount due to the fact that he has no chance of winning based on the rankings.

The recount started in Michigan from the judge's midnight ruling on Monday. With the recount happening, more than 20 countries have also started to do the recounting of ballots again. It was reported that there were minor differences in the sum of all votes, though many precints could not review it because of the different basis.

Just this Wednesday, the board of directors in Michigan voted 3-1, which favors the end of recounting  if Goldsmith eliminate his earlier order. In the state ruling the judge recount is only to test the integrity of the voting system. But it has never endorsed any state of court.

On Friday a court hearing will be held on another state, Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Wisconsin already started to do the recount last week which made Trump's lead more obvious over Hillary Clinton.

In the survey Clinton needs three states to flip in order to take advatage of the electoral votes for a possible victory. For the state totals Michigan gas 16 electoral votes, Pennsylvania has 20 and Wisconsin has 10. For more of the latest news and updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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