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'Vikings' Season 5 Spoilers And Update: Is This The End Of Ragnar? New Details About New Season Revealed!

"Vikings" Season 5 has confirmed a date of release this year while fans have been very eager to know what will be happening in the new season of the hit series. Due to the demand of fans, there are many speculations about what is going to happen but for sure the new upcoming season of the show shall start off where it left in latter season.

According to GamenGuide, there will be a new king of the throne which will be introduced in Kattegat and fans will be surprised of one thing and that is the return of Ragnar who is portrayed by Travis Fimmel. However, the comeback still did not make his sons nor men happy. But nonetheless, Bjorn and Ivar who is played by Alex Høgh Andersen are very understanding to the him and the situation.

According to Variety, Ragnar Lothbrok try to commit suicide by provoking the people in the village of where he is at to kill him. Though the gods will not allow it that way. But at the moment he has things in mind to settle and that is to go back to England to check on the problem of his settlement and also talking a friend named Ecbert.

In the season Ragnar will still be in a part of series but eventually he will die. With his death comes another character, his throne will have a seat for Lagertha played by Katheryn Winnick.

In spite of the fact that there are still no solid details and facts regarding the upcoming season 5 of "Vikings." There are several reports that fans and observers alike believe that the new series will be an exciting one which is said to be filled with action packed scenes, twisted storylines, surprising events and the new characters to be in the show. As of right now, production is being set in Ireland. Ragnar may not return in the show as a cast member of "Vikings" due to the event that he will be killed in a brutal and gruesome manner in final episode of the 4th season of "Vikings."

The English screenwriter and the producer Michael Hirst, said that "Vikings" season 5 will share the limelight to the new characters of the series and the upcoming ones to follow. With that said, Ragnar may no longer be the main focus of the show.

"Vikings" Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on February 2017. For more details of the latest news and updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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