Dec 05, 2016 07:21 AM EST

'Destiny 2' News And Update: New Game Features Revealed; Final Release Date Announced!

"Destiny 2", the sequel to Bungie's first person shooters game his being expected to have brand new content and features with new missions that will make the game more challenging thus interesting at the same time. Specifications of the game have not been announce and reported but if indeed the great specs will be announce and it branded true then fans might want to have a copy of the game.

According to GamenGuide, Bungie has been very quiet about the full details that surround the game sequel but it is confirmed that the game will be released on 2017. Although the organization that created "Destiny" might be so quiet and discreet about the features of the new sequel, it may head to the Playstation Experience 2016.

On the other hand, the team will be heading to Anaheim, California for the event, and particular answers might be answered at the Playstation Experience 2016. Though being on attendance in the event it still does not give fact that Bungie will really annouce something that will make fans go into frenzy regarding the sequel "Destiny 2."

In Playstation Experience 2016 gamers can only wait and pray for any update announcement or hints regarding the game, though in the moment as of now the game "Destiny" will still continue to receive DLCs before the upcoming sequel "Destiny 2" arrives in stores nationwide. Fans can only hope for the best and new information about "Destiny 2" that comes out very soon.

According to Gamersdrop, fans of the game "Destiny" can indulge on the better expansion and movement that the game will provide next year. With this it is great news for fans of the game yet all of which still remains in the air hanging together with speculations that surround the game. For more of the latest news and updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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