Dec 05, 2016 04:21 AM EST

'Narcos' Season 3 Spoilers And Update: Son Of Pablo Escobar Reveals Truth Of His Death

The third season of the series "Narcos" would like to restart the show since it will no longer include the king of coke, Pablo Escobar. In the series, he is being played by the Brazilian actor, Wagner Moura, particularly in the latter seasons of the television hit show.

According to Hollywood reporter, the final season of the second sequel of the hit tv series brought an end to the story of Pablo Escobar played by Wagner Moura who portrayed the 1993 Medellin rooftop shooting which brought down the "King of Coke." Clearly the set up of the drug war will pair with its last scene on the Cali Cartel.

In the second season of the series according to Masterherald, "Narcos" showed how the DEA together with the Colombian authorities block off Pablo Escobar in the Medellin rooftop and was shot as he was trying to pull of an escape which he did so many times in his life. Though this plot may not be true due to a revelation that it was never the police who pointed the gun and triggered to Escobar but actually the Colombian drug king was killed by no other than by himself.

The real life son of the Colombian drug king, Sebastian Marroquin, who was previously know as Juan Pablo Escobar said that he is very sure that his father committed suicide. This was the opposite scenario of truth from the scenes in "Narcos" Season 2.

Marroquin also recalled and told the public that he even had a conversation with his father minutes after his death, he did this in order to protect his beloved family from being hostaged by authorities for questioning and probably even jail time. He also jabbed the production team of "Narcos" who had enough but more inacurate events that was featured in nationwide televisions. This is despite being given access to the private photos and videos.

However, what Marroquin explained and revealed still has no impact on the plot lines of the third season of "Narcos." This due to the fact that in the third season of the series, Pablo Escobar will no longer appear and be featured because the Colombian Drug Kingpin is already dead.

"Narcos" Season 3 release date is expected to be shown by August or September 2017. For more of the latest news updates and spoilers feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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