Dec 03, 2016 03:57 AM EST

'True Detective' Season 3: Series Writer To Be Replaced? Colin Farrell Criticized

"True Detective" season 3 is having difficulty as their writer, Nic Pizzolatto is working on a new HBO series as reported. Though he is working on an HBO series he will still be in works with the upcoming new writer and will assist him in all that he does for the season 3 of the series.

For years, Colin Farrell has been working hard in numerous projects as of late. He was recently praised for being an actor who can do all kinds of roles that is being assigned and offered to him.

According to iTechpost, the actor has gone from a crime detective role in "True Detective" season 2 to his recent film which he plays as a wizard on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." Colin Farrell has always been versatile and has been know to be a pick of the town in terms of film castings.

According to movienews, in an interview about the roles he has been taking so far plus he was asked about the result of season 2 of "True Detective" because the series has been receiving a lot of bad reviews that claim it could not equal the first season of the series. "I love doing 'True Detective' and the character, i know the receprion was lukewarm, but the experience was incredible despite all the feedbacks" he said.

The the sophomore series of "True Detective," Farrel portrayed the role of a corrupt officer who made an alliance with a high end mobster. Reports have also revealed that the Season 2 of "True Detective" was not written well thus the plot was not that impressive resulting to a slumping rate from rating sites.

The original writer of the series, Pizzolatto is reportedly doing a new drama " Perry Mason" as of late. though he is still in contract with HBO until 2018, he is currently in fulltime works with the new drama film. Though he promised to help and assist the upcoming new writer for "True Detective" Season 3, though there is no confirmation about the deal between the HBO and Pizzolatto but the interest of both camps working in the new season series is present and well.

To top it all off, none of the rumors are yet to be confirmed. Stopping the show will still be light years away so fans can still expect to see "True Detective" on its third season. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more of the latest news and updates.

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