Dec 05, 2016 07:03 AM EST

'Avatar 2' Spoilers and Update: Not One, Not Two, But Three More Sequels? Sigourney Weaver Speaks Up

Signourney Weaver played the role of Dr. Grace Augustine in the first film of "Avatar" years back. Her character died in the first film though in the upcoming sequel of "Avatar" fans will be surprised about what is going to happen next.

According to Masterherald, James Cameron points out when he was asked how one comes back after being declared dead in the previous film and he responded that nobody dies in a fictional film, the key word is there fictional. He also gave hints that the Stephen Lang's character will show up in places that are very unlikely in the span of not only one but four sequels for the film.

In film history, "Avatar" was the most successful film made of all time which generated the amount of more than $2.7 billion in the box office. Expectations are high and as what Sigourney Weaver said that the upcoming sequels will be much better and much more action packed then it opens an eye to probably "Avatar 2" conquering the first film. In addition, it can be on who will reach the all time highest grossing films in box office history.

On the other hand, James Cameron said in one interview that he is going to try to make things more complicated but simple to watch. He plans to use tools, better work flow of the production, the right dynamic range and most especially the high quality frame rates for "Avatar 2." Despite the current technological aspects, the use of 3D remains assured in his books.

Cameron also stated that the film can happen without 3D use and still get that 3D feeliing with the right use of technology combined with the right film work. He is so positive that modern technology will some what get in to the right direction that it does not need glasses, though on the other hand, critics are also saying that VR technology is just around the corner, but 3D technology glasses free can really and actually happen within a span of a year or maybe less.

In an interview by Variety, James Cameron's "Avatar 2" will be released in 2018. Succeeding sequels of the film is reported to be released on Christmas 2020, 2022, and lastly 2023. For more update and details of the current news and stories around feel free to check Jobs & Hire.

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