Dec 08, 2016 06:50 AM EST

Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Influence Businesses Today; See How It Affects Lives

In the global market today, most businesses rely on Artificial Intelligence whether the company knows it or it does not. What it does is mainly the use of computer programs, analyzing and unlocking data codes, analysis in machine information and voice recognition and response intact in different technologies.

To compete in the global market and truly succeed then it is obvious that AI is needed in the process. In a recent study According to Entrepreneur, there were 230 businesses and technology executives. it was fould that only 26 percent of the total amount use automation to perform monotonous tasks. However the number is said to be very low given that high standard quality AI technologies are already on the market and are ready to use anytime by whoever.

The capacity of searching from the thousands to the millions of net pages found in the internet. AI could find the selected piece that is needed by the company since it has the reading  capacity to go on continuously searching the net 24 hours a day with 7 days a week. One program that is very known is Bitvore, it is a California based AI company that offers a playform which has been programed by over a 100million pieces of business information. With that being said, the company could really help in the growth of a business, since it can tell what the business need and does not for it to become progressive and successful at the same time.

Another skill AI offers is an intelligent assistant, this helps basically overall in the daily lives of the person. What you do today, what you forgot, what you need here and there, the intelligent assistants virtual assistants may help in the process which will make the daily lives of one person easier.

In Accounting, great technologies are already in the market that could ease up accounting services. AI is a great outlet for this kind of service by all means. If the accountant wants to rest for a bit, the technology will help in the invoices in and out, from the preparation to the distribution of follow ups to the payroll and many more.

On the other hand, In sales people know if you fail to sell the product even though it's world class. But it does not not sell business will be put out and just vanish in front of your eyes. AI could help solve the problem. One application would be Conversica, an AI sales assistant, the program will make sure it does carry on human like skills in email conversations until they express interest in buying. This is after then Conversica will give you a signal alerting the program will hand over you the conversation.

Overall AI is very helpful in the growth and success of ones company, the capacity of the technologies will ease and provide a better decisions with the adaptation of human abilities. For more information about the lastest news and updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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