Dec 08, 2016 06:55 AM EST

'Watch Dogs 2' Game Review: A Cooler Version Of GTA; Sequel Gameplay Improved

"Watch Dogs 2" can be compared to "Grand Theft Auto" because of the gameplay, the features and all, they both look real similar. The only thing with "Watch Dogs 2" is its not yet that perfect and it needs a lot of updates and improvements in the gameplay, nonetheless it is one game to play and to anticipate.

According to The Post, "Watch Dogs 2" from the creator Ubisoft, is a third person shooter game which focuses being computer savants which hacks other systems to try to solve cases. The game player control Marcus Holloway, a hacker from San Fransisco who would love to take down the softwares that is eradicating the United States from one state to another.

In the game, more and more devices from smartphones to toys connecting to buildings and computers just to get information mainly personal from citizens. And how they live are sent to private industries to be used for various experiments in day to day activities. The personal information and the security of the citizens private lives is one thing that could be dangerous and could end up in a real bad situation though the gameplay does an amazing job trying connect the game and reality. It makes the situations and scenarios feel like it is happening on a real time.

According to PcGamer, "Watch Dogs 2" is not a quick game to play and finish. The game has lot of mission and mostly side missions that make it more complicated. Not only that but the whole series of complicated missions where hacking with bank systems and withdrawing people's money without them knowing is the name of the game. Also, it incorporated drones for you to spy on your specific targets, drive taxis and more which makes the game more exciting, fun and solving problems.

Overall "Watch Dogs 2" is a one fun filled game that will make every gamer out there play for hours without knowing it. From the solid stealth gameplay to the overall fun and exciting scenarios and locations, to the interesting characters and storylines "Watch Dogs 2" has it all and its just starting to show its form. For more of the latest news and updates feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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