Dec 12, 2016 05:30 AM EST

‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ Hits Xbox One: Spoilers, Cheats, Secret Features and More Revealed

By Conan K.

The long awaited survival demo of the "Resident Evil" franchise is here! During Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 the demo was finally released, which is now playable on Xbox One after its release in PlayStation 4.

The demo‘s gameplay would be only a one person view where you scavenge the house as you look for hidden items that can help you escape. The most exciting for gamers would be the hidden secrets and new features introduced in the demo. Nerdist spoiled the features in the demo and how to achieve the endings.

Location of the weapon

The ax you can equip is in the kitchen of the house. Be sure to be aware of the ghosts that appear anywhere in the house. Especially the Family Man wandering in the corridors.

How to achieve the true “Midnight” ending

The player needs to activate the hidden lever in the fireplace, along with grabbing the fuse in the compartment. After that immediately go to the attic and grab the Basement Key from the top of the table on the left. Get back to the basement and you can unlock a new door that isn’t accessible from the start by using the key.

From there on, many monsters will spawn around you but first, grab the Valve Handle. You go back from where you came in, having a monster spawn behind you, makes you easily avoid it. Use the hanging body bags to knock Jack if he stops you then grab the Attic Window Key from the shelf and sprint upstairs. Go back to the attic and use the Attic Window Key to escape.

How to achieve the ‘infected’ ending

This will result if you weren’t able to fight the monsters in the basement. Further details haven’t been yet found. There are also a phone call ending and a back door ending explained by Eurogamer.

How to use the Dummy Finger

In the opening of the VHS player room, it can be found in one of the drawers in the hallway left. To create your own dummy finger, combine it with the “object made of celluloid,” which is located in the new room in the attic. It is found in the piles of television sets. Search in the opening of the VHS room, to its right you can find the blank notebook in drawers in the molded corridor. These three items will help you investigate the five unsolved murder in the game.

“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is set to green lit the ports on Jan. 24, 2017. If you have any more new discoveries about the demo, feel free to hit us in the comments below.

As said in an article by Jobs and Hire regarding "Resident Evil 7," this game will truly bring the horror you're seeking for.

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