Dec 10, 2016 04:28 AM EST

'Destiny 2' News: Game Coming To PC And Other Huge Feature Update To Expect In Second Installment

By Conan K.

The space fantasy-themed game developed by Bungie, “Destiny 2,” is rumored of going to be “a completely different game” with the new update of features to upgrade the game.

Bungie seems to take the initiative to make some huge changes in this second installment of “Destiny.” Despite “Destiny’s” rough start, they still managed to turn the table for it to become the most played online shooting game. Although reviewers criticized “Destiny” for its lack of RPG visage and content, baffle story and dull world.

It is most likely that they are the kind not to manage to establish micro updates on their first installment for player’s Guardian. Albeit their said success, they still didn’t manage to satisfy gamers that much which led to Bungie’s determination to improve its second installment.

Cameron Lee, Bioware lead producer just announced on Twitter that he has joined “Destiny” developer Bungie. "Happy to say I've joined Bungie as Executive Producer of a new project. Excited to talk about it in the future" said Cameron Lee. That project is most likely “Destiny 2.” In addition, Activision has invested $500 million to Bungie for the development, and it would be a waste if Bungie wouldn’t exert their best.

“Destiny” had been criticized for lacking RPG elements and customization. Fans assume that with the aid of Cameron Lee, fans can expect “Destiny 2” to have more RPG elements, full content with a bigger world as to “Dragon Age: Inquisition” produced by Bioware, along with more customization options.

Reports also suggest that Bungie would include bigger and better planet destinations with towns and outposts this time. Destinations that would make each player feel more that they have already reached a complete destination, along with missions on their own and more in store for them.

Players also suggest a variety in the game play of "Destiny 2," where there are improved missions including different enemies, objectives, campaign and online multiplayer game. Sad to say that speculations suggest that Bungie won’t be letting player’s characters to be brought with them across the ten-year “Destiny” plan.

Lastly, “Destiny 2” could be experienced in PC, according to Games Radar, in which PC gamers could look forward to space destinations with “Destiny 2.” Given the fact that for some players “Destiny 2” is easy to play on a joystick and would rather be insignificant in PC, fans would just have to wait and experience to conclude.

"Destiny 2" is said to be released sometime in 2017. PC version has been confirmed as previously reported by Jobs and Hire. 

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