Dec 12, 2016 06:47 AM EST

'Super Robot Wars' Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary This Year!

The "Super Robot Wars" game series has been one of the most popular tactical role-playing games that have adapted gundam, robot, giant robot, and some mecha anime series. In dedication to their fans they will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the "Super Robot Wars" franchise this year.

According to Crunchyroll, its upcoming "Super Robot Wars V" game will bring back the fan-favorite original units. A new Mazinger upgrade along with a special soundtrack edition and it has also stated that they are also going live on NicoNico this week.

The "Super Robots Wars V" will have its initial release date on Februray 23, 2017. The streaming channel is called "Live Super Robot Channel" and is announced to stream this Tuesday, they will be tackling all parts of the SRW universe for their fans. They will also be featuring news, prizes, festivities, and more.

According to an earlier report from Forbes, it states that in this year's big anniversary for the "Super Robot Wars" series they will be adding their "Super Robot Wars" original mecha the Huckebein, and Grungust in the "Super Robot Wars V" lineup. This is in dedication for the older game versions and its 25th anniversary.

The "Super Robot Wars" has adapted from anime series such as Gundam Wing, Gundam G, Gundam X, Gundam Seed" and many more Gundam Series. In its earlier version it has adapted robots from giant robot series like Voltes V, Combattler V, Daimos, and some more unfamiliar giant robot series in Japan. In addition to this Evangelion was also included in some of its franchise in the early versions. The "Super Robot Wars" game adaptation managed to conquer Japan smoothly since they were the ones responsible for introducing "Gundam" worldwide.

People from other countries started buying the game from Japan unfortunately the audio is in Japanese language including the subtitles during battle scenes. Almost every "Super Robot Wars" game released by Banpresto was strictly in Japanese audio this is due to a troublesome licensing. Watch the preview of "Super Robot Wars V" below. Subscribe for more updates!

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