Dec 12, 2016 04:34 AM EST

'House Of Cards' Season 5 News & Update: Cancelled After Creator Beau Willimon Bails On Show; Trump Presidency Renders Plot Dull

After suffering through numerous internal disputes, "House Of Cards" Season 5 creator Beau Willimon leaves the show for good. Reports claim that the show's producers are now running out of ideas for the Season 5 plot, leading to the show being canceled. 

"House Of Cards" Season 5 has gathered a rather healthy fan base after four years of delivering engaging political drama to small television. However, the popular political drama series may be canceled for its 2017 release date due to the fact that the creator, Beau Willimon has abandoned ship. Willimon's resignation has caused the fate of "House Of Cards" Season 5 to hang in the balance, however, as per usual, the show's renewal always depends on the previous season's performance.

According to a previous report by Jobs & Hire, the recent presidential victory by Donald Trump may affect the relevance of the popular political drama series "House Of Cards" Season 5. It would be rather challenging to cook up a plot for the show's fifth season that can compete with all the real life political drama brought by the Trump Presidency.

The above-mentioned report supports claims from Game N Guide that suspect that the show will be rejected by fans due to a dull plot. It is definitely a hard task for a TV show to compete with reality when real life politics is already filled with drama. Several reports claim that "House Of Cards" Season 5 has already been tagged as uniteresting and antiquated, possible due to its relevance being rendered obsolete by the Trump presidency. 

However, Netflix has remained silent regarding these "House Of Cards" Season 5 issues, and it seems that the season has already been confirmed. According to iTechPost, Beau Willimon is busy rejecting TV show projects due to his current focus at the moment, which is to opose the election of President Donald Trump. Willimon is apparently working on a political movement "Action Group Network" which aims to go against The Donald. 

Despite Willimon's other priorities, "House Of Cards" Season 5 is noew lead by Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese. Fans are expecting for the show's release date to be by February 2017. Will the season's plot be dull now that The Donald is president, or will Gibson and Pugliese pull off a good enough season for another renewal? Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more updates. 

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