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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Tips & Tricks: Guide To Ultra Beasts; Secrets From Alola Exposed

The world and engaging gameplay of "Pokemon Sun And Moon" does not end when the player becomes Alola's Champion, it actually extends beyond that. Players are given the chance the explore the post-game world and catch Ultra Beasts too.

The hunt for Ultra Beasts begins post-game in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" once the player becomes Alola's Champion. The player can collect Beast Balls from Wicke at the Aether Foundation to be used to catch Ultra Beasts.

According to US Gamer, players can catch the Rock Poison-type Ultra Beast Nihilego, Bug-type Buzzwole, and the electric-type Xurkitree. Along with other Ultra Beasts such as Kartana and Guzzlord. Apparently, catching Ultra Beasts has some sort of domino effect in "Pokemon Sun And Moon," whereas catching one, will lead the player to another. 

Nihilego in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" would be the player's first Ultra Beast and can be found on Route 8. Once the player finishes the game and returns to Route 8, the International Police will share information about the jelly-fish looking creature in Wela Volcano and Diglett's Tunnel. All the player has to do is explore the area and Nihilego will appear. 

After the player captures Nihilego, proceed to tell Anabel about it and get information about the second Ultra Beast in Route 2 Melemele Island. For players who have "Pokemon Sun", they will be required to catch two Buzzwole in Melemele Meadow, for those with "Pokemon Moon," all that is needed is to capture four Pheremosa. 

The next Ultra Beast in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" is Xurkitree, the electric-type Beast which can be obtained after delivering the Buzzwole or Pheromosa to Anabel. Information regarding the third Ultra Beast located on Akala Island Route 8 will be disclosed. Once in Route 8, the player needs to find Trial Captain Mina and defeat her in battle, then proceed to Memorial Hill and Lush Jungle where Xurkitree is waiting. 

Katrana can be captured in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" after getting Xurkitree,  Anabel will lead the player to Ula'Ula Island. Proceed to Route 17 and the Island Kahuna Nanu will let the player know about the Ultra Beast in the area. For "Pokemon Sun" Players, it would be Kartana and for "Pokemon Moon" Players, Celesteela located in Malie Garden or Haina Desert. While at Route 17, the player could make a detour to Route 14 where an abandoned supermarket can be found, with a neat picture of Ash Ketchum

The last Ultra Beast in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" can be found in Poni Island, Seafold Village. After getting Kartana or Celesteela, the player can Challenge Nanu to battle and find out that the last Ultra Beast, Guzzlord is located in the Resolution Cave basement.

After your Ultra Beast hunt in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" ends, you will get information about the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma, which is a mysterious black shadow in the skies of Alola. Proceed to Farthest Hallow in Ten Carat Hill, use regular PokeBalls to capture the level 75 Psychic-type Pokemon.

 "Pokemon Sun And Moon" definitely offers a lot more post-game, make sure not to miss anything on your journey after you become the Alola Champion. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more tips and tricks for "Pokemon Sun And Moon."

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