Dec 13, 2016 05:44 AM EST

'Yuri on Ice' Episode 10 Latest News & Update: Real Pole Dancers Praise Ending Sequence, Portrayed As Authentic And Doable

The ending sequence of "Yuri on Ice" Episode 10 has earned some praise, including from real life pole dancers. They are saying that the moves portrayed in the series are authentic and doable, but some are extremely advanced.

According to Anime News Network, professional pro dancer such as @dokodeneru tweeted that Yuri Katsuki and Christophe Giacometti "can definitely pole dance!!." The pro pole dancer adds that Yuri and Chris being figure skaters helped them in pole dancing as a figure skater have the "perfect muscle power and flexibility."

Other pole dancers, such as Mayako Okino wished that she could do a routine with Chris, while Rinko Nakamura said that she smiled at how "much more well-done the techniques" were than she expected. @dokodeneru even said that the moves Yuri and Chris did at the last sequence of episode 10 of "Yuri on Ice" are authentic and doable.

"You could do Yūri's moves in maybe a month," the pole dancer tweeted. "Some of Chris's moves can't be done even by people who've done this for years."

The Bitbag reports that the end-credit scene of "Yuri on Ice," where Yuri and Chris are pole dancing is due to Yuri being too drunk and Chirs being himself.  The two figure skaters performed real-life pole dance moves that are doable but difficult to pull-off.

One of the moves that Yuri did is called the "Superman," a difficult move to perform, especially for males. But it is also considered as easy to master.

The two most difficult moves the pair did is called the "Jade Split" and @dokodeneru advice those who wants to try this should refrain from spilling alcohol, like what Yuri did, as it can make the pole slippery. The other is the "Frog" and "Layback," which would need an extreme amount of stamina and concentration.

For more news about episode 10 of "Yuri on Ice," checkout Jobs&Hire's report, where Yuri gave Viktor a matching ring. Episode 11 will air on December 14.

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