Dec 14, 2016 10:10 PM EST

Video Game News: 'Pokémon Go' Update, GameCube Games Now On Switch And PS4 Sold 50 Million Units

In only seven days, the world of video games has reported massive updates. Sony's sales report stunned the industry for reaching the PS4 milestone. "GameCube" games are already confirmed to be on Nintendo's new console but the announcement that new Pokémon is going to be incorporated in the mobile hit Pokémon Go did not prepare gamers in advance.

PlayStation 4's 50 million units sales worldwide since November 2013 and still increasing is the company's latest record-breaking achievement, as disclosed by Sony. On top of the breakthrough last Black Friday, the release of a new model PS4 Slim and power-enhanced PS4 Pro are also made known.

The producers cannot ask for more after being delighted with the sales turnout for the last three years, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House said in a statement. The PS4 console was launched late 2013, which is a massive achievement, says Movie TV Tech Geeks.

"Smash Bros Melee" and "Super Mario Sunshine" 'head to Nintendo Switch' as it brings "GameCube" games into Nintendo Switch's handheld and home console. Yes, it has been confirmed that Nintendo is finally allowing gamers to be enjoyed using the virtual control system of "GameCube." "Super Mario Sunshine," "Super Smash Bros. Melee," and "Luigi's Mansion" are noted to be lined up, based on the earlier post of Jobs & Hire.

The Original "Animal Crossing" is also in the making. The adding of Pokémon games in Pokémon Go is made possible through partnerships. The details of how the new Pokémon will be incorporated into the mobile popular, Pokémon Go will soon be revealed. That's something to watch for, according to International Business Times

Sprint and Starbucks are announced as "Pokémon" Go's first and second promotional partners. Starbucks also added that100 new Pokémon will be added to the game, which makes sense as second-generation of Pokémon. This is supposed to be a secret for the time being but Starbucks cannot hold on to this very overwhelming development.

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