Dec 13, 2016 05:37 AM EST

The Russian 2016 Election Hack In A Nutshell; CIA Report Reveals All

The CIA opted against exposing their findings regarding the Russian hack during the 2016 Presidential Elections, which could have manipulated the results greatly. However, several reports claim that the Democratic National Committee Servers were indeed hacked by Russian intelligence. 

Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the 2016 Presidential Elections and many are urging Hillary Clinton to pursue a recount of votes. Another controversial issue related to the election results is the possibility of Russian intelligence infiltrating the Democratic National Committee Servers. If this Russian Hack did happen, it could have been the reason The Donald won the elections.

According to Reuters, the CIA looked into the matter as it was of great necessity, however, they have yet to share their findings with the public. However, three officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently shared that valuable insight to Reuters. The three preferred to keep their identities private as they shared what they knew.Apparently, the agency cannot accept the CIA's findings due to the lack of proven intent, however, they are not disputing them either. 

It is worth mentioning that sometime in November, findings suggest that there is not enough evidence to connect Russia to the "Podesta emails." Moreover, Senator John McCain says that they were not able to prove any Russian Intention. The senator later added that it was obvious that the Russians were able to hack into the campaign. However, their intent to manipulate the results of the election is still unclear, hence a congressional investigation should be in order. 

A report by The Atlantic, claims that Donald Trump publically encouraged Russia to perform more hacks against his opponent's email. Moreover, The Donald also had a campaign manager who worked with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past and worked to please Putin. Donald Trump's campaign seemed to be designed with the sole purpose of pleasing President Putin. 

Four U.S. senators are now on the move to look into the Russian hacking to help Donald Trump win the elections, including Senator McCain.However, the incoming Trump administration is against such investigations. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more updates. 

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