Dec 13, 2016 07:31 AM EST

‘The Last Guardian’: Review Of Years On The Making; Holiday Discounts

"The Last Guardian" is probably one of the most anticipated games in 2016. Development of the game started over 10 years ago, and now the game has been released and is racking up positive reviews after another one.

Despite the long wait for the release and how many concept changes that probably have happened, "The Last Guardian" definitely delivers. Moreover, the hype it receives won't tone down for a while since fans are really avid to see more on the gameplay. So, how was the technology of "The Last Guardian" built?

It was first leaked back in 2009 but, according to Eurogamer, the game's first concepts are dated as early as 2007. Eventually in 2008, "The Last Guardian" was first seen in a public job posting.

The actual footage of the game was leaked online six years ago; however, it is said that the footage was before the development of the game. It was then called Project Trico which was revealed to be a blueprint from Team Ico, who was trying to work with PS3.

The goal was to have a CG-like graphics, but obviously, there were limitations. The rendering styles used are almost the same with "Shadow of the Colossus" and has now been carried out to the new engine.

Every element from other Team Ico Projects is also present. It stands out through the Aztec-inspired constructions and can be felt with the motion control, field depth and faux HDR lighting. The final product may not be at its full potential yet; however, given that the game is already beautiful, it only means that the future is going to be ideal for "The Last Guardian."

"The Last Guardian" for PS4 was released last Dec 6, 2016, and it is definitely selling well. "The Last Guardian" for PC has been snubbed, but according to PC Games N, it doesn't really matter. Several audiences it received is from players of "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus," as reported by Jobs & Hire.

Many "The Last Guardian" discounts have now surfaced online for the holiday season. You can hover over them here.

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