Dec 14, 2016 07:09 AM EST

Apple Update: Big Things To Expect Next Year With Several New Products, Plus What’s In Store For iPhone Business In 2017

Big things are to be expected from Apple in 2017 as the company will be probably be launching a slew of new products such as new iMacs, new Mac Pro, new iPad, new iPhone and more. Speaking of iPhone, next year is also expected to be a bounce back year for the company's flagship device.

iTech Post came out with several predictions about several of the products that Apple is expected to launch next year. With the biggest being the iPhone 8, the company's major source of revenues.

There are a lot of predictions and rumours regarding the appearance and feature of the Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone. Of course the most consistent among those are iPhone 8 won't be sporting a home button and it will have a bezel-less design.

As for its business side, Nasdaq is predicting a bounce back for Apple's flagship as 2016 hasn't really been a good year for the iPhone. The company experienced its first year-over-year decline in sales, selling only 137 million units in the first 9 months, down 12.5 percent.

The decline can be attributed to factors such as headwind from China, a supply shortage of the iPhone 7 and the weaker uptake from the iPhone 6. But 2017 will be different, and the primary reason will be the launch of Apple's anniversary smartphone. Samsung's perceived weakness would also be a factor in the iPhones return to increasing sales.

If the iPhone continues to decline, due to the continued China headwinds and the possible threat from Google's Pixar, Apple still has other products that it can count on next year. The company's Apple Watch 3, will probably be featuring the new WatchOS 3 update, which could increase performance and functionality.

There are also rumours that Apple's next big wearable will be Apple Glasses, which can wirelessly connect to the iPhone and also display images and other information. Connected to the Apple Glasses, will be the company's foray into augmented and virtual reality. Though the company has been quiet about the technology, it's not too far fetch to think that Apple is working on something with regards to this technology.

What really needs an update, though, would be Apple's line up of desktop computers and laptop. The company's MacBooks haven't been updated yet since it launched in March of 2015, so it's already due for an update, maybe it will feature the new Kaby Lake chips? The desktop computer can be considered as Apple's forgotten member, but 2017 could change that as a new and redesigned computer could finally make its way.

As for the iPad, it's possible that Apple will also come out with an iPad that doesn't have a home button as well. The company have been trying to increase the demand for its tablet, but the iPad Pro hasn't really caught the market's attention.

With 2017 just around the corner, Apple fans will soon know what kind of updates the company has in store. Knowing Apple, it's more likely something that's worth anticipating and waiting for. 

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