Dec 14, 2016 10:11 PM EST

'Once Upon A Time' Season 6 Episode 11 Updates & Spoilers: Episode 11 Presents New Storyline; Jennifer Morrison To Leave The Show Due To Poor Rating?

The 6th season of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' fairy tale TV series has been getting quite a low rating of 1.05, which is significantly lower than its rating from the previous season. As season 6 episode 11 promotional video hints a possible new series plot, people are trying to predict Jennifer Morrison's future in the show.

A New Storyline for the Show Beginning Season 6 Episode 11 'Tougher Than The Rest'

Episode 10 of Season 6 unleashed a thrilling revelation at its finale scene where the mystery figure on a black hood from Emma's vision was finally revealed. Apparently, it was Rumple and Belle's son Gideon, briefly known as Morpheus.

Now that Gideon, who seemed to have earned a dark power has returned, people are convinced that episode 11 is going to be a whole new chapter of darker and more epic story. In a promo video of episode 11, the script was kind of trying to hint the audience about Emma's future as David asked Belle if Gideon came back to kill Emma, which she affirmed. Emma and Gideon is also seen in a sword fight - the exact scene from Emma's vision.

Emma's Fate and The Shows Rating Could Force Jennifer Morrison To Leave The Show

Tracking the marks earned by the show since season 5 until 6, the rating is quite on the far side of the scale for the current season. Since its premiere on September, season 6 has been consistently getting a low rating, averaging to around 1.05.

Following the report on rating, people are speculating about Jennifer Morrison's farewell in the show. Even Emma's fate was linked to the speculation. It is said that Emma will finally face her death as she loses to Gideon in their sword fight, finally leaving her out of the show. Meanwhile, some also say that it's not Jennifer who will say goodbye but the entire show as it continues to get low ratings.

However, there is still no official confirmation about speculations. For now, fans can still hope to see the second half of season 6 which will premiere on March 2017.

Meanwhile, on another TV show update, 'How To Get Away With Murder' main character Wes Gibbin is rumored to be alive and is said to return in the second half of season 3 come January 2017. Check out a report by Jobs & Hire.

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