Dec 14, 2016 07:06 PM EST

'The Last Of Us 2' Release Date, Trailer, News, & Update: Theme Leaked! A Pregnant Ellie Leads Story? [Watch]

"The Last Of Us 2" may still take a while longer to reach the waiting consoles of fans worldwide, however, a trailer has been released for the much-awaited sequel. The latter pretty much confirms the game, which many have worried for to be canceled.

Ellie is one of the fans' favorite characters "The Last Of Us 2's" predecessor which was a blockbuster hit in the gaming world. Fans from around the globe can't wait for more of Joel and Ellie as they struggle to survive in the unkind post-apocalypse world of "The Last Of Us 2."

According to Yibada, the trailer of "The Last Of Us 2" warns fans of the incoming dark storyline. The said plot will revolve around Ellie, who is now older as compared to the way she was in the original game. Moreover, not only is Ellie older, she is also the star of the game as depicted by the recently released trailer. A blood-soaked Ellie is seen playing the guitar, singing a song from the bible while surrounded by a pile of dead bodies.

Apparently, fans are in for a grim ride when "The Last Of Us 2" finally hits the shelves and everything will have revenge as the theme. According to Neil Druckmann, Ellie's hate for her enemies will drive her to kill every last one of them, although it was unrevealed who these sorry souls actually were.

A report by Game N Guide reveals that several rumors are already spreading across the internet and one of which claims a disturbing idea. It is suggested that Joel is actually dead and his appearance in "The Last Of Us 2" trailer was merely an illusion created by Ellie. It is hinted that many horrible things took place over the years, including Joel's death, which led to Ellie's dark, hate-filled state. Another possibility is that Ellie was kidnapped by an unknown organization and forced pregnancy upon her.

Ellie's dark side is definitely a shocking theme to have for this much-awaited sequel. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more updates on "The Last Of Us 2."

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