Dec 15, 2016 06:52 AM EST

Is Artificial Intelligence Becoming A Threat In Education?

Through the discovery of robots a lot of things have been automated and making things run easier. Innovation is the mastermind behind the discovery of robots, and today the artificial intelligence is now capable of automating almost every specific task that we know of.

According to BBC News, Georgia Tech has deployed a teaching assistant called Jill Watson for one of its postgraduate courses. Jill Watson is a robot, who assists students and answer their questions through an online forum without disclosing her cyber-identity.

The only thing that the students have noticed is that Jill Watson responses to questions and provides feedback way faster than the other teaching assistants. A doctor from Bremen University named Tarek R. Besold said that such robotic teachers were becoming increasingly sophisticated and had quite an advantage over human teachers.

Robots are ready to respond, emotionless, and never gets tired. However, such clever computers could also be stupid. In addition while robots can be trained to operate for a particular task or set of questions, they cannot easily use their artificial knowledge on to a different setting.

Dr. Tarek R. Besold said that a human who was good at chess would be likely to be able to play draughts, while robots would certainly struggle and this is unless they are specially programmed for such task. He continues to convey statements such as there are also more precise questions about an online help from a robot. Would you feel the same about positive feedback if it came from a robot rather than a person?

So far the statements given by Dr. Tarek R. Besold are against the use of automated learning made possible by artificial intelligence. Robots, machines, and automated devices that can help through someone's education are rather appalling. It is true that artificial intelligence would be handy when it comes to basic tasks, maintenance, and many more. Though learning education would be better if you learn from a real educator or teacher rather than a robot who only uses its artificial intelligence. Watch the video below about Aritificial Intelligence vs Humans. Subscribe for more topics like this.

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