Dec 15, 2016 08:45 AM EST

AMD VEGA Leaked Preview: GPU: Radeon VEGA Tech Day Attendee Leaks VEGA Graphics Card 'DOOM,' 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Performance

A participant in the Radeon Vega Tech Day treated gamers who have been waiting for the latest update about AMD's VEGA-based graphics card with a sneak peek reported. The Youtube video seems to have whet the appetite of gamers for the AMD VEGA-based graphics card.

Jobs & Hire previously reported that AMD Vega Tech will be secretly previewed in an event, but no details have been released. It seems that coordinators of the regional event failed to keep all under wrap since gamers are now enjoying a video of the VEGA Doom Vulkan 4K Ultra demo that was done in the event.

KitGuru reported that AMD is not planning to showcase its VEGA graphics card until January 2017. It is not sure yet whether the VEGA Doom Vulkan 4K Ultra demo was planned for the event and whether the leak was done on purpose to excite gamers.

Based from the leaked video, it seems that DOOM can be played well above 60 frames per second with the AMD VEGA-based graphics card. This could mean that AMD's VEGA graphics card has a chance to go head to head against GTX 1080 in terms of performance.

Lisa Su offered a demo of the VEGA GPU by using it to play Battlefield Battlefront. She used RYZEN CPU, AM4 motherboard and single VEGA-based graphics card for the demo, VideoCardz reported.

From what the participants see, it seems that the AMD VEGA-based graphics card do well in making sure that gamers can play DOOM and "Star Wars: Battlefront" smoothly and with few glitches. AMD VEGA-based graphics card has a frame buffer of 8GB, meaning the card features two stacks of HBM2 and a memory interface with 2048-bit. Do you think AMD VEGA-based graphics card can hold up against GTX 1080? Discuss in the comment section below.

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