Dec 15, 2016 09:10 PM EST

Nintendo 'Super Mario Run' News & Updates: Expected To Launch On IPhone And IPad Soon

"Super Mario Run" has been the first Nintendo application that was based on one of their famous characters. The iOS application was released on December 15, 2016 worldwide, and the Android version will be released on 2017 with no specific date.

According to BBC News, the game has followed the successful released of "Pokemon Go" earlier this year. Nintendo owns a big share in the Pokemon Company, but the title has been developed by a third party. Game enthusiasts predicted that the "Super Mario Run" will be popular, though they suggest that an anti-infringement feature is misguided.

The title is limited to Apple's iOS platform, but Nintendo has announced that it will come to Android at some point in the future. Nintendo has been avoiding smartphones since it was focusing on its own hardware. However, due to their poor sales on their Wii U console and a declined demand for their handheld 3DS this has caused them to undergo large financial shortfall.

Nintendo's "Super Mario Run" adapts the "Super Mario Bros" format, which is basically controlling the characters sprints from left to right to collect coins. You can also jump over obstructions and flatten enemies, and the game was tweaked in the players comfort for playing on a touchscreen. The free version of "Super Mario Run" acts as a brief demo, but paying a £7.99 fee gives players full access to three game modes.

The three games are the World Tour, Tally Road and Kingdom Builder. The World Tour is a story mode that spans over six worlds where Mario must travel across to save Princess Peach. The Tally Road is a multiplayer mode where players compete with each other, and to show off intricate challenging moves in order to collect coins to get a high score.

The Kingdom Builder is a creation mode which allows players to use their coins earned from other game modes to add buildings, decorations, some features that can unlock bonus characters, and extra content. "Super Mario Run" is expected to roll out on iPhones and iPads soon according to speculations. Watch the gameplay of "Super Mario Run" below. Subscribe for more updates!

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