Dec 14, 2016 07:00 AM EST

'Fate/Grand Order' RPG News & Updates: Introducing New Servants! [Watch]

"Fate/Grand Order" will be adding new servants in its game, and this might be in preparation for the seventh and last Holy Grail War. This will also be including the long awaited design of Rei Hiroe the author of "Black Lagoon."

According to Crunchyroll, the new servants are Lancer Enkidu (Power Level 5) which was illustrated by Shizuki Morii and voiced by Yuu Kobayashi. Lancer Medusa (Power Level 4) which was illustrated by BLACK and voiced by Yu Asakawa, Caster Gilgamesh (Power Level 4) which was illustrated by Ginka and voiced by Seki Tokamazu. Lancer Jaguar Man also known as Taigi Fujimura (Power Level 3) which was illustrated by Aotsuki Takao and voiced by Miki Itou.

Rider Quetzacoatl (Power Level 5) which was illustrated and voiced by Aya Endou, Avenger Gorgon (Power Level 4) which was illustrated by Simosi and voiced by Yu Asakawa. Support NPC Caster Merlin (Power Level 5) which was illustrated by Taiki and voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Support NPC Assassin King Hasasn (Power Level 5) which was illustrated by Ryota-H and voiced by Jouji Nakata.

The final boss Beast Tiamat (Power Level 5) which was also illustrated by Kotetsu Yamanaka and voiced by Aoi Yuuki will be added. Some extra crafting characters will be added in the game such as Demonic Bodhisattva, the Room Guarder, and Monji Gatou. The crafting characters are not voiced like the rest of the new servants. The new illustrations and arts for the new servants have been surprisingly well crafted by their illustrators, thus making players crave for more new servants.

The Beast Tiamat is expected to lay waste towards every adversary in her path. The new servants are amazing upon showing powerful unique attacks in the battle scenes in their previews for the "Fate/Grand Order" RPG. Watch the videos below for the new servants preview, and please subscribe for more updates on "Fate/Grand Order" RPG.

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