Dec 17, 2016 06:38 AM EST

Kim Kardashian Has Not Been Diagnosed Of A 'Mystery Illness'

By vicmariki

The Kardashian family is back on the hunt, this time around the icon of the family Kim is the one on target. A report recently claimed of Kim having a mystery illness which she has been keeping a secret. This report was later proved to be Fabricated.

According to Inquisitr, the source of this rumor was from Kim's inside circle which stated that Kim was aware of her medical condition and chose not to publicize the issue. Keeping the secret between them hasn't done much good for the couple Kim and Kanye since according to the rumor is what contributed to Kanye's Mental Breakdown.

The source describes that Kim's inner circle meaning friends know about the illness and are certain that she is not recovering from it. What is ambiguous about it, is they know that she has the mystery illness but they do not know the details of the illness.

The insider also related Kim's regular visit to specialists after the Paris robbery. The specialists diagnosed her and she constantly has been on constant medications and trying to fight through the illness. Despite fighting through it, worry has been an element to all her friends and family.

According to Gossipcop, these allegations facing Kim are not true. On October 3, Kim and Kanye were robbed while staying in their luxury apartment in Paris. it is possible that since then (after the Paris robbery) Kim has been seeing specialists and having medications. Since a robbery is just like any other traumas in the world, it is a high certainty that Kim is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder abbreviated as PTSD. Some people still argue on why she is not publically seen.

PTSD causes people who have had traumatic events have a fairly hard time coping and staying with others. This could also be a reason as to why Kim is not seen in public and accounts for her constant visit to doctors. So far the reports on Kim's mystery illness is a lie but a room for updates is open once a trusted information is stated by her family.

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