Dec 17, 2016 06:16 AM EST

'How I Met Your Mother' News & Update: Series Returns In 2017? Spinoff In Development With 'This is Us' Execs Isaac Aptaker & Elizabeth Berger

Many "How I Met Your Mother" fans were dissatisfied and deranged by how things worked out in the finale episode of the series. However, it seems that everything is going to be patched up as "HIMYM" spinoff is rumored to be in redevelopment for 2017.

New Story, New Producers

The "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff news isn't actually new to most of the fans. It can be recalled that three years ago, the upcoming spinoff was announced and to be titled "How I Met Your Dad". However, after a series of announcements and revelations about the spinoff, it didn't seem to work out due to development issues of the pilot episode.

Now, the spinoff is being redeveloped but with a title which is actually too close than that of the mothership series - it's called "How I Met Your Father". However, unlike "HIMYM" which had Carter Bays and Thomas Craig as the executive producers, "How I Met Your Father" will be handled by two new producers.

In a report by Deadline, the upcoming spinoff will be produced by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Aptaker and Berger were both co-producers of the on-going comedy-drama series "This Is Us". Although Bays and Craig are not the execs of the new series, they were the ones who wrote the spinoff alongside Emily Spivey. Both Craig and Bays will be working alongside Aptaker and Berger on the offshoot but will not be directly involved in the day-to-day development of the series.

Will the Spinoff Include the Original Characters?

In the original spinoff "How I Met Your Dad", it was already announced that none from its mothership series will appear, not even a single cameo. This is to contain the story within the mother's life and to present the story in a whole new perspective. However, according to GameNGuide, Jason Segel expressed his willingness to return should there be a reunion.

For now, there is still no further details about the spinoff. But there have been reports that the show may be aired in 2017-2018 for the first season. Although the first spinoff did not work out due to disagreement on terms, CBS has always been revisiting the idea. And now, the studio might have finally realized it's time to continue the spinoff. Should "How I Met Your Father" succeed on its development, producers will definitely have to reach or even exceed the fame that the mothership series savored for 9 long years.

Meanwhile, on another TV series update, "Once Upon A Time" star James Morrison is set to leave the show due to low ratings? Here is a report by Jobs & Hire.

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