Dec 15, 2016 08:25 AM EST

'Criminal Minds' News and Updates: 'Criminal Minds' Rating Continue To Drop Following Thomas Gibson's Absence; Still No Hotch In Season 12?

Season 12 of 'Criminal Minds' seems to be the worst season by far when it comes to rating. The show continues to earn significantly low ratings compared to the past seasons and one of the major reasons for this is Thomas Gibson's sudden disappearance which definitely disappointed its fans.

Angry viewers took to Twitter the #NoHotchNoWatch Petition

Gibson's absence has drastically affected the show as much as it disappoints millions of viewers. From average views of 9 to 10 million in season 11 and 10, the current season is now averaging down to 7.73 million views or a rating of 1.51. The source also added that viewers continue to demand that the show re-instate Gibson, otherwise they will stop watching it. Viewers use the #NoHotchNoWatch on Twitter to express their disappointment and petition.

No Hotch the entire season 12, showrunners confirmed

Despite the outrageous posts and comments of its fans on Twitter and other social media networks, 'Criminal Minds' don't seem to have any plan taking Gibson back to the show. In fact, the showrunners have already confirmed that Gibson will not be coming back in season 12 and that the character might have already been taken off the list, as per the report by iTech Post.

On top of that, the show is kind of trying to add new characters. It is said that 'Criminal Minds' will be having its fresh characters beginning season 11 episode 9 - a kind of move that aims at filling the gaps between the show and its fans.

'Criminal Minds' will be taking a short break in December and will resume with its all-new episode 9 "Profiling 202" on January 4, 2017. The episode will be directed by Rob Bailey in a script written by Virgil Williams.

Meanwhile, on another TV show update, 'Once Upon A Time' star Jennifer Morrison is said to be leaving the show due to its low ratings. Will Emma Swan finally face death come Episode 11 of Season 6? Check out a report by Jobs & Hire.

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