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Do You Want To Work For Google? Here Are Some Tips On How To Get Hired

Arguably one of the best companies to work for in the United States is Google, due to the many enjoyable perks and benefits that the tech giant provide its employees. For those who are hoping to work in the company, there are tips that can help them get hired.

According to Lifehack, it's not easy to get in Google as the company's good reputation for treating its employees well means that there are mountains of applications coming in every day. There's actually a report that the tech giant received 75,000 applications in just one week, so competition is very tough.

But that doesn't mean that you can't get hired by the company. Back in 2014, the guardian interviewed Laszlo Bock, the head of people operations at Google, who is basically the one in-charge of the tech giant's hiring process.

During the interview, he shared four things that they are looking for from new applicants, four things that still hold relevance even until today. Aside from the four that Bock is looking for, two more things will be added, giving you a total of six tips that can help you get hired.

The first thing that Bock is looking for general cognitive, which is not just about the person's IQ. Google is also looking for people who have the ability to learn new things, meaning they accept that they don't know everything and are open to processing new information.

The second tip is emergent leadership, which basically means they're looking for people who can take the initiative to lead without needing to be asked or told. But more important than having the initiative to lead, is the ability to relinquish that leadership role if you are no longer needed. Google is more of a team-oriented company and they want people who can move in and out of leadership positons when needed.

The third tip is fitting in, which Bock calls "Googleyness." What Bock means here basically is a person who is confident in his or her abilities and knowledge but has the humility to accept and learn from their mistakes or failures.

The fourth tip is your accomplishments beyond your college degree. Google doesn't let a person's college credentials be their only basis for assessing a candidate, as Bock believes G.P.A.'s doesn't really tell the whole story.

The fifth tip is for applicants to show instead of telling. Google is more interested in what an applicant can create, so it's important for applicants to be able to showcase their talent instead of listing their credentials and certificates. A portfolio of your work is more valuable than your certificate.

The last tip is very self-explanatory as it involves the person's expertise in the field that he or she is applying for. This, though, is the least important factor that Bock looks at as they put value more in the person's creative and innovative way in tackling a problem than in the expert method that he or she would usually revert to.

Keep in mind these tips, as they can help increase your chances of working in Google. But did you know that they're not considered as the best company to work for in 2016? Check out Jobs&Hire to learn 2016's best company according to employee satisfaction. 

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