Dec 17, 2016 11:32 AM EST

'Super Mario Run' Tips And Tricks: Beat A Boss, Respawn Where You Wish, And Get Points!

Playing "Super Mario Run" on a smartphone can get tricky. There are some differences between the old game and this new release. For one thing, Nintendo says it's a game that can be played with one hand.

"Super Mario Run" came out on Dec. 15 and it quickly hit records in downloads. Fans on iOS were quick to snatch it up and enjoy their favorite game. Those on android may have to wait a little longer.

Whether playing the game is to finish the World Tour (in about two hours) or to have a collection and build kingdoms, there are some tips and tricks to this new version.  Here are some courtesy of Phone Arena and Gadgets 360.

  • Sign-up to a My Nintendo account and earn points, get a Toad, and decorations for the Mushroom Kingdom in the Kingdom Builder mode. Points will help get rewards like Luigi and Yoshi.
  • After signing up to My Nintendo, get free challenges every day. These challenges can also earn points.
  • There are a number of ways to play this game: to finish the World Tour, to collect coins, and to build kingdoms.
  • In a boss fight, a player can jump over the boss.
  • Eat a super mushroom before fighting a boss. This will give strength, increase Mario's size and save him from one hit.
  • In respawning, tap on the bubble-wrapped Mario above the desired point of start. Not tapping would put Mario back to the beginning.
  • At the Toad Rally, get the advantage by getting there first. Otherwise, the player will have to compete with those who have been there before.
  • Also at the Toad Rally, coins will not help if the opponent is of a higher level. Make sure to choose lower-level opponents to have a fighting chance.
  • Do not focus on collecting all the coins in one level. Doing this will open another level of a coin collection and lengthen game play. Just make sure all challenge coins are collected.
  • Defeating a number of enemies of a level will help in leveling up and in the collection of coins for that level.
  • Pay attention to the stops. Some stops will provide opportunities like mushrooms from opposite directions that need to be positioned correctly, or the position of enemies, among others.
  • There is a Coin Rush wherein the character gets showered with coins from all over. To do this, enough coins have to be collected in a level.
  • Using a different character can help a player get through a level. For instance, Princess Peach can hover longer than Mario so she would be better in levels that need more floating.
  • Get more coins by jumping to the top of the flagpole in each level.
  • In the Kingdom Builder mode, a special house can be built. Make sure to check them out.

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