Dec 20, 2016 11:13 AM EST

'Sister Wives' Season 8 Update: Kody Brown Blames Meri For Failed Marriage; Robyn Wants More Love & Passion?

Recent news and updates regarding "Sister Wives" Season 8 centers on the claims that Kody Brown is blaming Meri for the things that have unfolded in their relationship. There are also clamors of Robyn wanting more time and attention from Kody as well.

Although the rumors are ripe for "Sister Wives" Season 8, there are no supporting details that viewers could accept as fact and truths. In fact, the speculations that are surging remains unverified and unsettled. To prove the latter, Kody Brown did not render any confirmation that he is pointing fingers to his wives, particularly with Meri.

The rumors may be strong for "Sister Wives" Season 8, but fans and followers should take things with a grain of salt in mind. The gossipy tidbits are overflowing for Kody Brown, but all of these are still considered unreliable until Kody and the rest of his wives affirmed it.

For the eager supporters of "Sister Wives" Season 8, the journey has just begun for the Brown family. For others, they are assured that Kody knows what he is doing and although his marriage may sound obscure to others, that is how he does and that is how it would stay.

Moreover, a former report from GamenGuide shared that "Sister Wives" Season 8 is still a force to be reckoned with and its strong following has enable the production to renew the franchise for its eighth season.

With the recent rumors linking Kody Brown, it is affecting the overall standing of "Sister Wives" Season 8, though the rumors are strong, there are no supporting details verifying these claims to be true, and also, if ever it materializes, it will place a heavy burden for the fans and followers of the series, reports the same post.

For the avid followers of "Sister Wives" Season 8, all details should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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