Dec 19, 2016 04:43 AM EST

New Technology Finds Right Formula For HIV/AIDS Cure; Know More About The Recent Discovery

Scientists have long been finding the right drug formula that can eliminate the HIV ans AIDS viruses once and for all. It has been decades trying to find the right puzzle in discovering the right cure for the pandemic virus that is spreading widely across the globe. We know it for killing thousands, which is recorded every year.

In the latest research, according to iTech Post, scientist have discovered the right solution with the use of technology that fought the deadly HIV/AIDS virus. With the use of nanotechnology, they have discovered the medication and process that may potentially eliminate and wipe off the pandemic virus that is spreading through out an infected body.

According to Yibada, scientist and researchers claim that the cure is very unique as a whole for it uses nanotechnology to produce supposed nanomedication. In the study conducted, which was spearheaded by Professor Maduike Ezeibe, explained that size of the molecules found is the main objective. It will be the focus when it comes to fighting off permanently HIV and AIDS.

Researchers explained that the nanoparticles of the virus makes it easier for the disease to spread while hiding in cells of the brain to the bones and up to the testes of the human body. With cases like this, it it hard for exisiting antiretroviral medicines with bigger molecules to reach such portion of the human body where the nanoparticles of the virus conceal.

On the other hand, Prof. Ezeibe and his research team stressed out that Aluminum magnesium Silicate nanoparticles approximately 0.96nm are much smaller that nanoparticles can be found in the virus. With this, it is seen as a great potential to stop the pandemic virus once and for all as it can maneuver around the system to eradicate and stop the virus from spreading through the system. For more of the latest news and current updates, feel free to visit Jobs & Hire.

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