Dec 20, 2016 09:02 AM EST

‘Fifth Harmony’ Member Camilla Cohello Leaves All Female Group To Follow Zayn Malik’s Footsteps

Another news broke fans' hearts as Camila Cabello recently confirmed her leaving the all-girl group "Fifth Harmony." Cabello has been in the band for 5 years and is said to be ready to take her own journey as a solo artist. Is she following Zayn Malik's footsteps?

Speculations spread vastly after the 19-year old British singer's decision regarding her journey came out, as both she and Malik have the same reasons for leaving their groups. Zayn is a known member of the hit boy band "One Direction" years before he finally moved out to have his own career. Both "Fifth Harmony" and "1D" were created by Simon Cowell who judged the X-Factor UK.

As per E! News, Camila's journey seemingly follows a pattern taken by the former 1D member. In fact, the report says that Cabello's leaving was bound to happen as just like Malik, she didn't seem to enjoy her stay in "Fifth Harmony" anymore.

The source also claim some events where Camila reportedly shared her struggles with chronic anxiety including backing out a mid-performance during their concert in St. Louis. In her tweet last September, she apologizes as she could no longer finish the performance due to her anxiety attack.

Cabello has been open with her condition saying she is having terrible anxiety attacks which drag down her confidence, in an interview with Billboard, earlier this year. The young singer is also reportedly fighting her breakdowns with writing a diary, working out and meditating.

Zayn on the other hand, also cited being stressed out from their "On The World Again" tour in Asia, where he flew back to London. This happened a week before he finally announced his break up with "One Direction."

Meanwhile, Camila Cabello broke her silence with regards to the "Fifth Harmony's" statement about her representative telling the group of her sudden departure as revealed on Mirror. In a post on their Instagram account the girl band says they have learned of her leaving from someone else and that they still wish her well. The statement also says the four remaining members (Ally, Normani, Dinah and Lauren) will still pursue the "Fifth Harmony" no matter what.

Cabello answered such in a longer Instagram post where she denied the unawareness of the other girls to her departure. She said in an open letter that she is proud to be part of a group of people with diverse culture, background and music taste who bound by one dream. She also said she was shocked on the statement released by the group without her prior knowledge. As per Cabello, the representative thing being said on that post is "simply not true."

What do you think of this sudden break up? Do you also see similarities between Camila and Zayn? What's next for the "Fifth Harmony" now that they are only four? Share us your views and opinions and visit Jobs & Hire for more updates.

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