Dec 24, 2016 10:36 AM EST

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date: Production Delay Rumors, Live-Movie Details; Ken Kaneki Reborn?

By Conan K.

Undeniably, "Tokyo Ghoul" had been a massive hit anime for viewers because of its storyline. With already 2 seasons released, there is too much anticipation for the fans to see what lies beyond the truth. "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 release date is yet to be official, though. It was originally scheduled this year, till it was moved to the next year 2017. 

Many reports have speculated on the reasons for the manga’s delay. Latin Post reported that the reason was the lack of materials and manpower. Fans were reportedly disappointed with how the last seasons fell from its original story, and this could make the studio fill in the lost hype of the anime giving effort in following the true story line. The studio might be planning much in store.

EC stated that the franchise will now be handled by Madhouse Entertainment. Since Studio Pierrot failed with losing the anime to its original manga storyline, transferring the franchise to another studio could also be a possible reason for delay. Fans await a positive expectation from Madhouse Entertainment since they are also the studio who made “One Punch Man”, “Death Note” and “Hunter X Hunter” possible.

Spoilers suggest that Season 3 will feature Ken Kaneki reborn as Haise Sasaki. As much as fans know, Ken Kaneki didn’t die from his battle with CCG's Reaper, Arima Kishou. Kaneki was presumed dead till then. Instead, he was taken to the CCG to give him a new identity due to his memory loss. The season will also feature Kirishima Touka as well. The reason of her ill feelings toward Kaneki can be finally revealed.

Meanwhile, with the manga progressing much as well, fans can’t keep steady in the peak of a new season released on the screen. In the manga, Ken Kaneki was already named as the One-Eyed King. The title which is only given to the secret leader of the Aogiri Tree, the ghoul terrorist organization battling CCG.

Regarding its live movie adaptation, a new image was just released. The image features Ken Kaneki with his one-eyed mask. In the movie, Ken Kaneki would be portrayed by Masataka Kubota while Fumika Shimizu as the heroine Toka Kirishima. Under the image was labeled '2017 summer.'

The anime is also said to be released in March 2017 still with no official announcement. Fans can only hope as much.

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