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The 5 Common Mistakes That New Hires Make In The Workplace

Just got hired for your first job? Congratulations, and welcome to the real world! Entering the workplace can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience for anyone, but the road to success can also be hindered by the mistakes you make during your first months on the job.

The good thing is that making these mistakes can be avoided if one stays professional and focused on the job at all times. By exercising self-discipline, tact, and making good choices, one can ensure that he or she maintains good relationships in the office while building a career.

Here are the five common mistakes that new hires make in the workplace.

Taking too many breaks

New hires often tend to take too many breaks, especially if they find themselves lost on what to do next. A short coffee break in the afternoon is fine, but people notice when one lingers in the pantry or the water cooler several times over the whole work day. When you find yourself with some free time on your hands, make the most of it by getting caught up with ongoing projects or learning as much as you can about the company.


Making friends in the workplace is fine, but remember that the office is not the place to talk about family or relationship problems, the results of your last doctor’s check-up, and the like. Sharing your most intimate details with your co-workers can backfire on you, so think twice before talking about your personal problems.

Getting emotional

To paraphrase Tom Hanks in “A League Of Their Own,” always remember that there should be no crying in the office. It’s natural to get upset or frustrated, especially when faced with a difficult task or when given a harsh criticism of your work, but crying in front of everyone won’t do you any good. If you truly feel upset, step away and take a few minutes to compose yourself, then head back to your desk and go about your day as usual.

Getting involved in office drama

Being in the office can feel like being a part of a TV drama, and new hires may be sucked in by an ongoing feud between different factions or groups. Resist the urge to get involved in office drama by concentrating on your tasks, and remind yourself that you’re there to work, and not to participate in petty quarrels.

Being a passive member of the team

If you’ve got a great idea or suggestion to make a project better, speak up. New hires tend to be passive or shy as they just go along with everything that’s being said, but being a non-contributing member of the team is a waste of one’s talent. Share your ideas and see if it will work for everyone involved.

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