Dec 29, 2016 09:53 AM EST

AI Invasion: White House Says Robots Are Out To Steal Your Jobs

Some people are worrying about immigrants stealing their jobs, but apparently, they are not the biggest threat out there. A recent report from The White House shows that the increase of artificial intelligence does not bode well for the workforce.

As technology continues to develop, the number of tasks that can be done by an artificial intelligence rises. This means that some manual labors can now be done by a machine or a robot. Silicon Valley already has a robot pizzeria, where artificial intelligence make pizzas for consumers.

A White House report titled "Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy" appears to confirm people's fears that artificial intelligence will slowly replace the workforce. This could mean a lot of things for the economy, but above all, this could herald an era where humans have to fight for jobs.

Daily Mail reported that artificial intelligence is expected to result in improved productivity, leading to a wage increase and work hour reduction. However, people who are less education will not be able to compete with artificial intelligence, so they are the ones who are expected to be hit the most. Jobs & Hire previously reported that implementing automation or replacing workers with robots will not affect low-level IT workers.

An estimate from Forrester suggests that 6% of the workforce will be artificial intelligence within five years. However, an Oxford University study shows that as much as 47% of jobs can be replaced by artificial intelligence. That translates to millions of workers who might find themselves jobless because of robots.

Entities working on artificial intelligence are trying to sell the idea that humans and robots working side by side would be highly beneficial to workers as they can get higher wages while working fewer hours. However, the collateral damage will be the less-skilled and less-educated.

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