Dec 30, 2016 10:46 AM EST

3 Signs That You’re Behaving Inappropriately In The Office

Office workers spend over eight hours in the office together, and over time, people tend to take note of each other's quirks, behavior, and qualities. As time goes by, an employee's best and worst qualities come to light. Though a person may not be made aware of it, an officemate's reaction to his or her presence will clue someone into whether he or she is behaving inappropriately in the workplace.

Here are the 3 signs that you're behaving inappropriately in the office.

Youre co-workers are giving you the side-eye or are talking about you behind your back

It's normal to have a few gossips in the office, but if everyone seems to be giving you cold looks or talking about you, then it's time to take a good, hard look at what you've been doing in the office. Are you being habitually tardy? Have you been rude to your co-workers? Are you making sexually-charged or racist comments about other people?

Your supervisor talks about your behavior

Your boss may bring up your behavior in a casual manner, such as "So, I heard you got drunk again at the office party and made a bunch of rude comments." If even the boss has gotten wind of what you've done, then you've definitely made a faux pas in the workplace.

You're being excluded from important work conversations and updates

If you're being purposely kept out of the loop, then what you've done may have been so offensive that no one wants to work alongside you anymore.

To fix this matter, find out exactly what you did to offend your co-workers. See if it was a one-time thing or a repeat offense. If you don't have an idea about what's going on, talk to your supervisor and ask for advice on what can be done.

Once the offense has been pinpointed, apologize to the offended parties and try not to do it again. It may take a while to get into your co-workers' good graces, but once they see that you're actively trying to change, things can potentially head in the right direction for you and your team mates.

Lastly, review the employee handbook and read up on the things that shouldn't be done in the workplace. The document is a guide, and not a mere suggestion, on the proper way to behave in the office. By keeping the office's code of conduct in mind, you'll be guided on the right way to dress, act, and speak in the workplace, and you'll be able to get along better with your co-workers.

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