Dec 31, 2016 08:22 AM EST

How Factors At Work Deteriorate Your Health

For employees, working hard despite circumstances is important. Workers like to work overtime because obviously, more work produces more money. But some are not aware that health affects their work as work affects their health as well. They don't realize that work-related issues may lead workers to lose focus in health and in life.

Stress, pressure, and work-related problems also lead to employees to neglect their health. Practicing bad health habits is a factor that affects work and health. Being workaholic nowadays is also becoming a necessary for some workers. More so, some workers still trade their free time just to accomplish more work.

With increased wage in mind, workers can't bear in mind that their health is at stake. They think that they might increase their chances of promotion and salary yet they didn't notice that they are likely to produce less results. Of course, work becomes less productive because of employees' work practice.

Bad work practice includes lack of time to produce results. Some workers sleep late at night and then wake up late the next day. The effect would then be, they couldn't start early to work and result in late sleep just to accomplish the task. The cycle would then go on and on because of this habit.

Meanwhile, in the midst of sleeping late and time acquired to accomplish work, skipping meals also occur. Some workers forget to eat meals because of too much thinking about the risks if their work is not submitted in time. However, some workers just forget to eat meals even though the food is already served.

Little do workers know that skipping meals decrease their body's resistance. A decreased body resistance leads the body to accumulate sickness easily. Workers should remember that meals shouldn't be just treated as something not necessary for accomplishing their task.

On the other hand, pressure is something that can't be avoided upon engaging in the work community. Nonetheless, whether you are responsible for pressuring yourself or it is given by your boss, it would still lead to stress. More so, stress leads to a tendency of an employee to miss out quality time with family and time for themselves. Stress deteriorates mental health because of thinking too much, so workers should just keep it cool when dealing with issues.

Therefore, workers should practice good health habits like sleeping early to wake up early should be done to start every day right. With adequate sleep, workers would then have all the time to accomplish much more things.

As work is important, keep in mind that health should always be the priority.

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