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5 Ways To Stay Positive At Work

We all encounter negativity in our lives, whether it's at work or at home. To counter all the bad vibes, one needs to stay positive and avoid getting sucked in by all the drama, but how exactly does one stay positive in a toxic workplace?

It can be difficult to stay bright and sunshiny all the time when you're surrounded by tense or angry people, or when employees have nothing good to say about the company or their co-workers. Staying positive all depends on your outlook, your ability to look at the bright side of things, and your willingness to be an encouraging force in a discouraging environment.

Here are the five ways to stay positive at work.

Find the good in people

The workplace can be filled with truly difficult people, but by looking at them in a different light, one can stay positive at work and get along with everyone. For instance, one co-worker may be gruff and cold to everyone, but he is also the best worker in the team. Another co-worker may be constantly asking for favors, but she actually happens to be a good mother. Finding the good in people will help you stay positive even in the most negative work situation.

Avoid being in the company of toxic co-workers

There's always that one person in the office who seems determined to bring everyone down. This particularly toxic co-worker is rude to people, spreads gossip about the company or others, and is always criticizing the boss and the office. Instead of listening to another word from the naysayer, simply walk away. Find people who are happy to be there, and are genuinely glad to be at work. Their positivity will rub off on you, and hopefully, you can do the same for your other co-workers.

Take a break

Sometimes, it's necessary to take a break from it all. Step away from the negativity and give yourself time to breathe and focus. Have a quiet moment in the pantry or cafeteria, and take a few minutes to reorganize your thoughts.

Surround yourself with things that genuinely make you happy

It can be anything from a framed picture of your family, a small potted plant, your favorite coffee mug, or a cheery poster. Any dreary cubicle can be livened up by a few well-chosen items, and these can serve as reminders to stay positive throughout the day.

Let it go

Take a cue from "Frozen's" Queen Elsa and let it go. Made a mistake at work? Learn from it, but don't beat yourself up over it. Forgot to make an important call? Accept that it was your mistake, and do your best to correct the matter. Did you unintentionally offend your co-worker? Make amends and try not to do it again. Dwelling over your mistakes won't do you any good, so learn from them, make the necessary actions, and move on.

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