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What Your Work Attire Says About You

A person's clothes and style speaks volumes about one's personality, and whether you like it or not, your fashion choices in the office say a lot about you. So what does your work attire say about you, and what message does it convey to your bosses and co-workers?

Clothing can project a good or bad image, and according to Levo, 65 percent of bosses say that work attire could be the deciding factor between two job candidates. If this is the case, then learning how to dress for success is a skill that employees need to master to further their career.

Here are some of the different styles often seen on women at work and what their work attire says about them.

The Super Trendy

This type of woman knows all about what's hip and happening in fashion, and she won't be caught dead wearing last season's Prada pumps. She knows all about designer labels and can pronounce their names flawlessly, and you can often hear her talking about them on her iPhone 7. Most super trendy women are often perceived to be more conscious about their appearance than they are about their work, but this could be an advantage if they work in fashion.

The Classic

This woman knows her business formal attire and wears it well. Her suits are perfectly tailored, her makeup is impeccable, and not a hair is out of place. This look conveys seriousness and says that a person is all about climbing the corporate ladder.

The Frump

There's always that one lady whose clothes could use a bit of ironing and tailoring, and it also looks like she made a half-hearted attempt to do her hair and makeup. Not caring about your appearance can hurt your career just as much as caring too much about it will, so rethink your sartorial choices and grooming habits before heading to the workplace.

The Siren

Her clothes are often too tight, too short, or low cut, and her work clothes are often paired with fishnet stockings or black ones with seams running down the back. Her heels are sky-high and pointy enough to use as a weapon, and the siren does the whole facial contour-smoky eyes-matte lipstick combo that could rival any beauty blogger's makeup routine. Chances are, this look often earns hostile glances from other women in the office, while men don't take the siren seriously at all.

The Basic

This style is the vanilla of office attire-safe, non-controversial, and forgettable. Think white button-down shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers paired with black flats, topped with a ponytail and beige lipstick. It's hard to stand out in a good way when you're blending into the scenery, so spice up your look with a fitted black blazer, black heels, a leather bag in a bright color, and a statement necklace.

For more style tips, check out Jobs & Hire's report on decoding your office's dress code.

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