Jan 03, 2017 08:10 AM EST

Online Jobs: 3 Industries That Allow You To Work From Home

It is getting easier to work from home with technology aiding companies and employees in doing so. Not only can you teach remotely, but one can do accounting for businesses and recruit workers too.

The industries below are only three of the five industries mentioned by CNBC that are looking to hire remote job workers. In this article are websites that can link you to the careers page of the respective companies so that you can start your online job.

Accounting and Finance. One can work for financial companies and businesses even at home, doing accounting and bookkeeping in the comforts of your own bedroom or living room. Auditors, bookkeepers, and accountants are among the online jobs reportedly wanted.

According to CNBC, Wells Fargo and Ally Financial recently employed people for remote jobs. Visit their websites to inquire.

Education. Many degrees can be earned through online programs that universities offer. In fact, the accessibility of online courses has made online teaching prevalent and thus an increase in demand for online teachers.

Subject areas for teachers range from K12 classes to foreign languages. Online tutors, adjunct faculty, and virtual teachers are the most common work from home positions, says CNBC. 

Tutoring, for instance, is looking for English tutors. If you are looking to handle some K12 classes, head on over to K12.com for their job listings. 

Human Resources and Recruiting. There are two things that HR employees can do remotely: recruitment and management of employee hours and assignments. Among the companies mentioned by CNBC, Aon Hewitt is looking for recruiters, human resources specialists, as well as human resources managers.

Recruitment, for instance, can be done through online job postings and social media recruitment. The HR employee can interview applicants via video calls or chat using Skype, Google Plus, or even Facebook.

Hours tracking can also be done remotely. As long as you have the necessary equipment such as a laptop or a computer, working from home is possible.

Even if you get the job, however, it would not do you any good unless you have reliable internet connection. This is vital for people who want to work from home seeing as it will ensure that your online job is uninterrupted.

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