Jan 03, 2017 07:57 PM EST

‘AI Showdown At CES 2017’: Will Amazon’s Alexa Prevail Due To Other Companies’ Integration Of Its Intelligence?

By Conan K.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices are starting to become a modern tool since Amazon’s Alexa's debut last year. But with CES 2017 coming up, competition among companies heat up. Could Amazon succeed in topping off the other brands this year?

More advanced technology would be presented in automotive, appliances, electronics, and smartphones categories this year. Despite other artificial intelligence devices to be presented in the event, Geek Wire suggests that Amazon’s Alexa has the upper hand.

Amazon’s Alexa is the virtual assistant that is set to pose as the frontrunner for voice-activated virtual assistants. Why? Because with the help of AVS (Alexa Voice Service) and ASK (Alexa Skills Kit), companies today integrate Alexa on their upcoming devices on the preceding event, which helps the device's intelligence to be recognized more.

For an instance, Vobot Inc. is set to introduce an Amazon-enabled clock on the event. The clock is said to be unleashed with the aid of Amazon Alexa Voice Services (AVS). The clock would be similar to Amazon’s Echo, which is also enabled through voice recognition. In addition, it would also introduce the feature to produce less addiction of clients with their smartphones. Its ability to help reduce smartphone addiction is said to be made to be possible through its voice-active and proactive reminders.

Another company which developed its device with the help of Alexa is Blink. Blink’s security cameras feature an Echo Dot or Tap to arm/disarm Blink. Alexa's intelligence also enables you to speak to it with regards to its current status and information about clips that it has recorded.

Paste Magazine also reported that Lenovo would also launch a Bluetooth home speaker at the event. This home speaker is also powered by Alexa's intelligence as well. The speaker, which is enhanced more by Lenovo, has a voice command that is developed from Alexa.

With companies bringing Alexa’s intelligence more on the limelight because of their devices, chances are Amazon would likely prevail the showdown this year. Moreover, you can already mark your calendars for the CES 2017 to take place at Las Vegas on January 5, 2017, to conclude the winner of the AI showdown.

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