Jan 20, 2017 05:46 AM EST

Forget These 3 Job Search Rules

Job seekers have relied on certain job search rules or approaches, which are not always beneficial. The three rules tackled in this article are the ones that you need to break now.

An article by Forbes lists down rules or approaches to forget when you are searching for a job. These will hopefully help you find a job faster.

Disregard the unspoken rule that you rely solely on job ads in searching for a job.

Job ads, by virtue of being advertisements, reach a lot of people and therefore receive a lot of responses. If you rely on such ads to get a job, you can expect that you will have a lot of competition.

Instead of going through ads, submit resumes regardless of whether or not a posting is published. There is a greater possibility that your application will be entertained that way in comparison to responding to an ad.

Break the rule that tells you to follow instructions in the job ad such as 'do not contact the department manager directly.'

The email address or the websites you are sending your resume to are going to be overwhelmed with applications, unlike the department manager. The former uses algorithms that detect keywords and your application will only be buried among a hundred similar ones.

If you want to stand out, send resumes to the department manager. The chance that your resume will be read and entertained is higher than if you follow the instructions listed in the job ad.

Forget the rule that says you have to brand yourself a robot.

It is true that firms like an employee that is able to do the job efficiently and quickly. But refrain from making yourself sound or look like a robot in your resume.

Do not simply list down the skills you think would be relevant to the job. Instead, also include one or two interesting details or tidbits about yourself like the languages you can speak.

If firms wanted robots, they would have hired them already. For more career tips, follow Jobs & Hire

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