Jan 24, 2017 08:00 PM EST

Top Reasons Why You Need A Career Savings Account

People rely on money savings accounts to help them out in times of difficulties. A career savings account works the same way.

The term career savings account has been coined by Jon Acuff, Forbes reported. Acuff is the author of the book entitled, "Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck."

A person who has held only one job in his entire life is rare. It would take a lot of patience to pursue one career in one company, especially for millennial people who are known to hop from one job to the next.

A career savings account is expected to help get employees out of a rut in case they lose the stability and security that their current jobs offer, CNBC reported. Building your career savings account is as important as building your portfolio.

Whenever you experience an unexpected change that affects your career, you can use your career savings account as a fallback. Your career savings account should have all the necessary ingredients in order to be useful.

Acuff said a complete career savings account should have all the components, which are relationships, skills, character and work ethics. If one or two of them are missing, your career savings account will not do you any good.

Expanding your network will help your career savings account become stronger and more meaningful. You should also learn how to hone your skills so that you can sell them to the next company that will hire you. With good character and solid work ethics, your career savings account will be the envy of many employees.

No jobs or careers give people a hundred percent certainty that they would last. Being prepared to deal with changes would be the strongest weapon against joblessness.

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