Jan 27, 2017 09:04 PM EST

Google's Fight With Fake News And Maintaining High Quality Contents

The combat against “fake news” nowadays has been pretty rough. Google is known to be working accordingly just to fight fake news and maintain credibility through providing original and high-quality articles. So how is Google right now with its fight against fake news?

According to University Herald, last year Google made some changes to its search algorithm. The company prioritizes websites that provide good quality articles and at the same time punishes those with low-quality ones. It even removed websites that are providing fake news. This is through the help of the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm.

There were a lot of websites affected by the said changes. They became stricter with its standards and policies. And now that it is already 2017, Google added more changes and developments. AIRS Association shared that the search engine company is already banning those websites that write fake news and uses AdSense platform just to make money.

With the updated Penguin 4.0 being on real time and live will make it easier and faster to identify websites providing high-quality articles and fake news. Google is now said to be more responsive and accurate when it comes to generating content articles. By getting rid of fake news, the search engine proves that they are indeed trustworthy and credible. Clearly, Google is putting much emphasis on quality contents.

Scott Spencer, Google's Director of Product Management and Sustainable Ads said in a blog post that “We have a strict set of policies that govern the types of ads we do and don’t allow on Google in order to protect people from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful ads. And we have a team of engineers, policy experts, product managers and others who are waging a daily fight against bad actors. Over the years, this commitment has made the web a better place for you—and a worse place for those who seek to abuse advertising systems for their own gain.”

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that Facebook is also developing new tools in order to fight fake news and hoaxes.

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