Jan 28, 2017 10:24 AM EST

Managing Baby Boomers And Millennials In The Workplace

People management is one of the major challenges in every workplace. Managing baby boomers and millennials in working together harmoniously is not an easy thing to do. However, combining two generations can bring promising results.

Every company manages all classes of people. You can find all walks of life working in one place. According to Entrepreneur, one of the most controversial topics in today’s workplace is the gap between baby boomers and the millennials. Over time, this topic became interesting given the fact that more and more millennials are entering the workforce. They are present in both executive and lower positions.

According to a research made by Robert Half, the multigenerational workforce has its own style and approaches. The most common differences noticed were communication skills, technical concepts and ideas and lastly, the ability to adapt to change.

Tim Hird, the Executive Director of Robert Half Management Resources, shared that every generation has its own uniqueness in the workplace. Hird said that “Too often, managers see these differences as negatives, but building a team with diverse perspectives, insights, and strengths can only be a positive, leading to improved products and service levels."

He explained further that “Managing a multigenerational team doesn't have to be hard.” He even cited an example and said that “for years employers complained about how the work styles of millennials were disrupting the workplace. We know now, however, they simply have different outlooks, and the resulting changes from employers, such as new communication methods and enhanced work-life balance offerings, have benefited companies and employees alike."

Having a healthy workplace is one of the important factors to be considered if you want your company to succeed. It matters a lot that your multigenerational workforce should unite and work accordingly.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire shared helpful strategies on how you will be able to keep millennials dedicated and motivated in achieving successful careers.

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