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Interview Guides And Tips For Introverts

Nailing an interview is a tough one. We all dread going to interviews, that is a given. But for introverts, it can be tougher and more challenging. With helpful interview guides and tips, introverts will be able to know how to properly handle such situation.

A lot of people find job interviews as a terrifying situation to be in. But in order to get the job or career that you want one way or another you will surely undergo an interview. You will certainly not be able to avoid it. For those individuals who are known as introverts, they deal with interviews in different ways.

Introverts are usually described as “shy type, loner, and even anti-social.” If you area an introvert, it does not mean that you already have poor socialization skills. However, you just prefer to do things alone or work alone. According to Entrepreneur, introverts have their own strength when it comes to facing interviews. They have their own ways of dealing with it and making it through successfully. In fact, most of the smartest and successful individuals are introverts.

CashNetUSA shared a helpful infographic that introverts can use as their guide. Just like everyone, it takes a complete and thorough preparation in order to nail a good interview. By making research, planning ahead and even practicing can be of great help. It also helps if you will bring some physical evidence that can help back up your skills. In this way, they will easily appreciate your achievements.

Aside from that, introverts are also known to be a good listener and that is considered as one of their strongest tools in order to build a good connection with the interviewer. Making personal connections is also a plus point during interviews. Since you are an introvert then you are good connecting to individuals rather than to a group of people. In this way, it will become easier for you to talk about yourself, your strength, achievements and what you can offer them. You just have to come relax and at ease with yourself.

Jessica Pointing, a junior at Harvard University got an internship offers from big companies such as Facebook, Mac, Microsoft, Google, Bain, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and McKinsey and they key to her successful interview was being “relaxed and prepared,” says Jobs & Hire.

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